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There are still many people who think that oily skin is the same as moist skin. However, in reality, oily skin does not guarantee the moisture of one's skin.

Not only the water content factor, sometimes the air temperature, the sun, excessive exfoliation, and makeup that clogs the pores can also be factors that support your skin to become oily but feel dry and stiff. How to deal with it and restore the elasticity of your skin?

1. Clean Dead Skin Cells

Oily skin that is dry due to dehydration has more piles of dead skin cells, that's why you need to clean the dead skin cells that stick to the surface of the skin. Use a scrub on your face and rub gently. Do it a maximum of twice a week, if too often your skin tissue will be damaged.

2. Facial Cleanser with Low pH

Skin beauty experts suggest that the protective layer on the skin's surface ideally has an acidity level (pH) of 5.5. The best pH conditions for adult female skin are around pH 4.2–5.6.

3. Don't Use Toners That Contain Alcohol

Is it important to use a toner in your facial treatments? Yes! The toner will help moisturize your skin after exfoliating and washing your face. Toner also functions to equalize uneven skin tone, and also helps serum and night cream absorption to be more effective.

One thing to remember is, do not use toners that contain alcohol. Your skin has oil problems but feels stiff and dry. The alcohol will actually strip away the moisture you want to have!

4. Use Moisturizer and Serum

Many people who have oily skin will avoid using moisturizer, because they think that it will make the skin oilier. Well, it could be due to the high oil content in the moisturizer you use.

Look for an oil-free moisturizer, usually in the form of a gel like aloe vera gel products that can be easily found. This type of moisturizer will help hydrate the skin without making the skin oily.

5. Drink more water

By consuming 8 glasses of water every day, your skin will feel more moisturized. Not only will you become more elastic, you will look more radiant and bright.

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