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There are so many personalities of a person, if some are indifferent then some are sensitive or even hypersensitive. This character makes a person easily provoked by his emotions, not infrequently it makes him easily offended by the actions and words of others. Who wants to live in constant anger and irritation just because their feelings are too sensitive?

Feelings of offense usually arise due to misunderstanding the actions of others, or unintentional speech. It's natural for someone to have felt offended in their life, but it's uncomfortable if these feelings often arise. Besides being able to cause conflict, being offended by misunderstandings can damage relationships with other people. So how do you deal with these feelings?

Always try to think positiv

When someone says something unpleasant in your heart, then the first thing you should do is think positively. Be sure that what he said did not mean to hurt, but that there was another good intention. Positive thinking can clear up misunderstandings and avoid unnecessary fights.

In addition, we are also trained to see a problem from another point of view. It may be from our point of view that it is painful, but for others it is normal. Seeing things from many points of view can lead to positive thoughts.

Learn to be humble

By being humble, you can learn to respond to the words or actions of others with a wide heart. Humility does not mean stupidity or an inability to be assertive. But a wise attitude to save yourself from heartache.

Remind yourself when you start to get offended

When you start to feel 'hot' with other people's attitudes, try asking yourself, "why do you have to feel hurt? does it deserve to be a problem? It should be normal.” Or you can look for other reasons to reduce the offence that starts to appear.

Usually feeling offended comes when you misunderstand the other person's intentions. The message to be conveyed cannot be captured properly so that it becomes a misunderstanding. Reversing the perspective is one of the most effective ways to reduce feelings of anger because of being offended.

Try to clarify

If you feel that you are unable to think positively or see things from another person's point of view, there is nothing wrong with clarifying. Try asking carefully what the person meant by doing this or why he or she said things that you misunderstood. Ask for a detailed explanation before you draw conclusions.

So those are some ways to reduce feelings of irritability. Self-control is very important to do, even patience must be cultivated in such a way so that emotions do not appear excessive.

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